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"I'm so excited I FINALLY found someone who actually makes homemade sweet potato pies - Mail order - from actual sweet potatoes! Yum!"

~ Gregory S. Cummins

"Just bought a pie at the Farmington Farmer's Market - and it was soo delicious! My daughter has found her new birthday pie (no cake needed here!) -- great job and good luck on your business:)"

~ Carol Sutherland

"Picked up a pie the other day at the Farmer's Market in downtown Farmington. This is one of the best Sweet Potato Pie's I have ever tasted. It was just sweet enough and the crust is out of this world. Will have to go back to get some more."

~ Phyllis Adelsberg

"Your company was recently up in here in lansing at the farmers market and the pie is delicious"

~ Tamika Bowers

"Bought 2 personal pies at the Farmington farmers market today. So so delicious! My son is asking for "more pie again?" as he is licking the little tin."

~ Brandy Farris

"My husband and I bought one of your sweet potato pies at the Novi Home & Garden Show. It is the BEST sweet potato pie we have eaten!!"

~ Kim Suozzi

"Picked up one of your large pies at Farmington Farmers Mrkt. That was the best sweet potato pies I've tasted. Rock on!"

~ Kurt Harzdorf

"As one of Uncle Calvin's customers , we have had the pleasure of tasting his mom's original sweet potato pies. Knowing that the taste was compared to none, and seeing that Uncle Calvin had adopted his mom's recipe, we had no doubt that his pie would be good.

So, after purchasing a couple of pies from Uncle Calvin for a family affair, we and others indulged in pure delight! Everyone raved about how good these pies were, and they moved quickly to clear the pans.

What is more interesting, is that as good as we thought these pies were, Uncle Calvin has brought them to an even higher perfecting level! The taste is superb, and soothing to the soul. The crust is just right, and the combination of all of the ingredients makes one keep coming back for more.

Now, every time we have an affair of any kind, we make sure that Uncle Calvin's Sweet Potato Pies are on the menu......And as far as the others who have experienced these awesome pies with us, well, they now have placed them on their menu as well."

~Robert & Blanche Troup

A BIG Thumbs UP!